Intl Tourism data is good for Australia but bad for QLD

The latest International Visitors Survey from Tourism Research Australia (available here) shows international tourist numbers hit a new high in the year to June 2014 at 6.147 million, a rise of 7.6% from a year ago. Arrivals from China led the charge, up 10.5% to 708,000, but the US also performed strongly up 9.2% to 500,000. Other major markets NZ (up 4.2%) and the UK (+5.8%) were less impressive.

While the data nationally was good, when we consider Queensland the story is far less rosy. International visitors to the Sunshine State grew just 1.1% over the year to 2.065 million (our highest since Oct 2008, but still well below the heady days of 2007). Queensland now accounts for just 33.6% of international visitors (a new record low) and a far cry from the 48% seen at the end of 1999. In the Far North things are even worse. International Visitors to TNQ fell 2.5% for the year to just 689,000 and now make up just 11.2% of all international visitors (the lowest level in 2 years).

While QLD and TNQ suffered Melbourne saw a boom. International visitors to the Victorian capital were up 11.2% for the year and now account for a record high of 31.6% of all international visitors. Brisbane fell 1.7% while the Gold Coast managed a 4.1% increase. Numbers to Sydney were up 6.5%.

NOTE: TRA no longer routinely produce data for visitors from a particular country of origin to specific regions. However, I have been in touch with them this morning and hope to have the data for TNQ later today (thanks to Amy Godfrey in Canberra for her help).


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