International tourists in TNQ

Yesterday saw the release of Tourism Research Australia’s International Visitor Survey for the second quarter of 2014. We covered some of the detail yesterday (see here).

TRA have opted to cease producing some data for public release; this includes the breakdown of visitors to regions by their country of origin. However, with the help of Amy Godfrey at TRA in Canberra we have accessed this data for TNQ. The results are shown for our major markets in the graph below.


As we can see, total visitor numbers have fallen slightly and have been virtually flat-lined for the past 5 quarters; despite this being a period during which total international visitors to Australia are up 7.6%. With the growth in Chinese travellers showing worrying signs of peaking (actually down 6.5% q/q to TNQ while they increased by 1.6% q/q nationally; up 6.6% y/y to TNQ but up 10.5% y/y nationally) there is no sign of other international markets taking up any slack.

It is no wonder that the TNQ tourism industry is getting worried; as today’s article in The Cairns Post highlights.

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