Conus Trend Participation Rates for all QLD Regions

Some interesting work done by Mark Beath at Loose Change (see his post here) got me thinking about the need for reliable Trend series data for the Participation Rates of all the Queensland Regions (we have previously been calculating these only for Cairns and Townsville).

As a result we have now updated our Conus Trend Labour Force spreadsheet to include Participation Rates for all the Queensland regions. Hopefully this will make looking at, and comparing, the regional Trend data more useful. For a start the Trend PR data helps to explain the increase in the unemployment rate on the Gold Coast, despite strong employment growth (which Mark notes in his post). Trend Participation on the Gold Coast has been rising sharply since March this year.

We hope that others will do as Mark has done and utilise this data to extract useful meaning from the highly volatile raw ABS regional labour force data. The new Excel spreadsheet, which now includes Participation Rate, is available for download here. Please feel free to use the data, but kindly acknowledge Conus if you do so. QLD Regions Jobs data – Conus Trend Aug 2014

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