Master Builders stay positive

The Master Builders of Queensland Survey of Industry Conditions for June 2014 has been released, and it continues a trend of being rather more optimistic than either general current conditions or their own respondents recent results would appear to justify.

Both Queensland Economy Watch and Loose Change have covered the results in some detail, so I shall simply direct you to them for further information.

Specifically, for the Far North Queensland area the report states..

“Business confidence in the building and construction industry dropped away slightly during the June quarter but maintained a positive outlook. This confidence is encouraging in light of the challenging trading conditions for both the residential and commercial sectors. However, both sectors are optimistic for the future, expecting trading conditions to return to positive territory by September 2014.
Consistent with the tough conditions in Far North Queensland, turnover and profitability, while improving, both remained under pressure in the June quarter. Both business performance benchmarks are expected to improve significantly in the September quarter and perhaps return to satisfactory levels for the first time in two years.”

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