ABS data highlights the gender imbalance

An interesting data set released by the ABS today highlights the gender imbalance that still exists in Australia. Women are more likely to be more highly educated than men and participate in more work-related learning and yet are still receiving only about 88% of the mean male wage, are more likely to have no access to superannuation and make up only 3.5% of CEOs of ASX 200 companies. A selection of the data below…

Indicator Male Female
Earnings (mean, non-managerial hourly) $35.40 $31.20
No Super cover 19.4% 26.5%
Year 12 or above 84.3% 89.2%
Bachelor degree or above 25.5% 32.4%
Engaged in work-related
learning in past yr
40.7% 41.4%
Life expectancy 79.9 84.3
CEO in ASX 200 96.5% 3.5%
Senior managers in Public Service 60.5% 39.5%
Order of Australia Awards 71.1% 28.9%
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