Cassowary Coast rates up 2.95%

The 2014-15 budget for the Cassowary Coast was agreed today and has seen a 2.95% increase in the General Rate. Council has put up a number of Fact Sheets on their website. Of particular interest are the Budget Summary, the Fact Sheet on Depreciation (a must-read for anyone needing to understand how important this is to Council budgeting) and the Fact Sheet on Rates and Land Valuations.
This is the lowest ever increase achieved by the CCRC in it’s 6 years and continues the theme of running broadly balanced budgets each year. This year’s budget sees a small deficit ($380,000 or 0.5% of total expenditure) after a run of 4 small surpluses and one other small deficit.

Full budget papers will be available on the CCRC website tomorrow.

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