Lest there is any doubt…what Stevens thinks about the A$

At a speech in Hobart today RBA Governor Glenn Stevens very clearly laid out his current thoughts on the strength of the A$.

“But lest there be any uncertainty about this, let me be clear, again, that the exchange rate remains high by historical standards. There is little doubt that significant parts of the trade-exposed sectors still find it quite ‘uncomfortable’: it continues to exert acute pressure for cost containment, productivity improvement and business model change. When judged against current and likely future trends in the terms of trade, and Australia’s still high costs of production relative to those elsewhere in the world, most measurements would say it is overvalued, and not by just a few cents. Of course, we live in unusual times, with interest rates at the ‘zero lower bound’ in several major jurisdictions. Nonetheless, we think that investors are under-estimating the likelihood of a significant fall in the Australian dollar at some point.” (my emphasis)

The full speech is available here.

The A$ has fallen about half a US cent in the past hour.

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