Chinese Intl Travel Monitor; required reading

For anyone involved in the tourism industry in Australia, and particularly in TNQ, the new edition of the Chinese International Travel Monitor from should be required reading (it’s available for download here). There are heaps of fascinating insights into this vitally important market from both the travellers and hoteliers perspective. Some of those that stood out on our initial reading are:-

  • 97 million Chinese tourist traveled abroad in 2013, up 17%, and the Tourism Administration of China forecasts this to break 100 million in 2014.
  • The UN World Tourism Org estimates that overseas expenditure by the Chinese reached a new record of US$129 billion in 2013, confirming the position of China at the top of the spending league table.
  • 53% of hoteliers globally have reported an increase in Chinese visitors in the past year; in the Asia Pacific region that climbs to 74%.
  • The trend towards Chinese becoming more independent travellers continues. 67% now say they prefer to make their own travel arrangements. 71% of hoteliers agree (77% in Asia Pacific) that their Chinese guests are travelling independently.
  • The most relied on source of information is online review sites.
  • The most important services are Free Wi-Fi (59%) and Credit Union pay capability (also 59%).
  • Although Australia ranks as the Number One destination on Chinese travellers wishlist it falls outside the top 10 (11th place) of actual places visited.
  • Australia ranked as the most friendly destination (39%).
  • The primary concern for Chinese when considering where to travel is safety. This was chosen by almost half of respondents and was up 5% from last year.
  • Sightseeing, dining and shopping take out the top three spots on the “things to do” list. Visiting the beach comes in at number 4 (36%). Gambling ranks bottom with just 3% , and down 2% from last year (this despite the huge number of Chinese tourists visiting Macau!).


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