Unspinning the QLD jobs numbers

As we noted earlier today, there are some positives to take away from the ABS labour force data for QLD. The LNP are now sharing social media pictures which spruik the “over 64,000 jobs” that have been created in QLD since the election of the Newman Government. That’s perfectly true, but in true pollie style fails to tell the whole story. So here is the whole story on QLD jobs “since the Newman government was elected” (i.e. March 2012) using seasonally adjusted data.

Working Age Population up by 156,000
Labour Force (those in work or looking for work) up by 89,700
Those with jobs up by 64,200
Those with full-time jobs down by 11,000
Those unemployed up by 25,500

That means that 41% of the new entrants to the working age population have found work. This compares well with the national average where 34% of new entrants to the working age population have ended up with work over the same period. The big difference is that nationally 27% of those new jobs have been full time while in QLD we have shed full-time positions.
Another positive for QLD is that over this period the Participation Rate in the state has fallen only 0.4, while nationally the decline has been 0.7.

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