Intl arrivals up, but departures fall

The ABS International Arrivals and Departures data for March shows total arrivals up 7.5% from a year ago. Chinese arrivals (which were up 1.2% m/m) accounted for 11.7% of all arrivals for the month and were up 7% from a year ago.
Departures were down a massive 27.100 (even the Trend series showed a 5,000 decline) and were down 2.4% from a year ago. This is the first annual decline since Apr 2012. Weak months in previous years in either March or April would suggest that how Easter falls between these months may be having some effect on overseas travel.
Despite what we might term the “Easter effect” the gap between arrivals and departures has now fallen for the past 3 months by over 66,000 which would suggest that the somewhat weaker A$ over the past year is staring to have real impacts on both the number of visitors coming to Australia but also, and perhaps more dramatically, the number of Aussies holidaying abroad.

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