Cairns prices in line with Brisbane?

A report from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office (available here) compares retail prices (in 2013) in Brisbane with those in a selection of regional local government areas across a range of item groups. Prices in Brisbane are set as a 100 base index for comparison. When considering all the item groups Cairns comes out with an index of 100.0 (i.e. prices at exactly the same level as those in Brisbane). The chart below (taken from the report) shows the deviation from Brisbane prices across the regional locations for all items.


When considering the individual item groups Cairns results are interesting:-

Housing (rent, electricity etc.) -11.6
Food & non-alcoholic drinks +12.9
Transportation (fuel, rego, CTP, taxis etc) -3.4
Clothing & footwear +1.7
Furnishings, household equipment etc. +12.0
Recreation & Culture (incl holiday accomm, books, papers, DVD hire etc.) -4.3
Alcohol & tobacco +3.0
Health unch
Insurance & financial services (incl contents and car insurance) +0.2

Excluding housing costs sees the total for Cairns at +3.3% above Brisbane.

The report doesn’t make clear where buildings insurance sits (or if it is even included) but it would certainly surprise many to see the “Insurance & financial services” index suggesting only a tiny premium to Brisbane costs in Cairns!

NOTE: Thanks to Gene Tunny whose post alerted me to the existence of this report.

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