The tourism “turnaround”

Over the weekend Loose Change ran a post regarding Gavin King’s “tourism turnaround” using data from the ABS Short Term Arrivals and Departures data. The point Loose Change makes is indeed a valid one. As the graph below clearly shows, the share of international visitors that have been coming to QLD has been on a steady (and at times dramatic) decline for many years. What the graph also shows is that the decline in share for TNQ, particularly between ’06 and ’11, was the main contributing factor to the statewide decline for QLD. Fortunately we have been seeing a recovery, albeit from low levels, for the share coming to TNQ on the back of the growth in the Chinese market and TNQ’s disproportionate share of that market since 2011.
If Gavin King were speaking about TNQ’s tourism he has a point; if it’s QLD to which he is referring then he needs to check his data.
UPDATE. Loose Change has updated his post and Gene Tunny over at Queensland Economy Watch has also posted on the topic today. 
Note…this graph is based on data from TRA’s quarterly International Visitor Survey and as such varies from the ABS data used by Loose Change. Neither are “right” or “wrong”; they’re just different.


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