Cost of Living pressures “soar”…according to the Cairns Post

Not known for letting the facts ever get in the way of a good (?) story, the Cairns Post today runs an article which claims that families and young professionals are struggling to make ends meet as “living costs continue to soar”. The basis for this claim is their State of the Far North survey. Unfortunately what the reporter (?) fails to realise is that their survey actually suggests no such thing. It asked people to rank their costs and found that household costs and groceries were at the top. Well what do you expect? Anecdotal evidence from one Palm Cove sparkie hardly cuts the mustard as evidence for their claim.
What the Post seems only too happy to ignore completely is the fact that inflation (as measured by CPI) is rising at only 2.7%; the more reliable “core” inflation is at just 2.6%; and the latest ABS cost of living indexs show increases for almost all groups below 2.5% and for the bulk of households (ie employee households) at only 1.3%. For full details see our post from last week.
Granted that there may be regional variability in the indexs (and the ABS only produce them on a nationwide basis), but it still appears to be a very long bow for the Post to claim that residents are “struggling more than ever”.

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